Lung cancer – the leading cause of cancer-related death – has claimed too many lives.1 We’ve formed an alliance of some of the world’s top oncology minds to change that.

These scientists, specialists, advocates and architects of new medicines have come together with an ambitious goal — to break the barriers limiting progress and double five-year survival by 2025.

But we need your help to get there.



Extending survival for lung cancer patients and helping them ultimately overcome the disease requires us to galvanize as a medical and scientific community.

We are creating the Lung Ambition Alliance and asking like-minded members of the medical, scientific and advocacy communities to join us. We want you to share your thoughts on the current state of lung cancer screening, treatment and care. You can do this by:

Talking to Us

We want to open the lines of communication about where we need to focus. In the coming weeks we will be giving you the opportunity to tell us what you understand about lung cancer and its treatment.

A simple email can bring about change. Reach us here and tell us what you think.

Telling Us What to Ask in our International Survey

Help inform the priorities of the Lung Ambition Alliance. Starting in July, you can suggest to us a question you think is important to probe on. Results from seven countries will be available later in 2019.

Taking our Poll

Your responses will provide us with an unofficial community benchmark of where we are today across several dimensions of lung cancer. We’ll roll out our poll questions and share back findings in the coming weeks.

Your insights will contribute to an important first step on our life-changing journey toward accomplishing the impossible … together.



We are four distinct organizations, all with extensive and complementary experience in helping patients and healthcare professionals manage lung cancer. We are each working tirelessly to better understand how the disease evolves, develop advanced therapeutic techniques, and ultimately empower and enable patients to live longer and better lives.

Today we see the chance to double five-year survival, and we believe that together, we can accelerate the pace of progress.

Learn more about who we are and why we believe in what we are here to do — together.


1. World Health Organization. International Agency for Research on Cancer. Fact Sheet – Lung Cancer. Available at Accessed May 2019